Property sales

After a long planning phase, we realize an extraordinary living concept in Ermatingen. In the old fishing village of Ermatingen there is the possibility to realize an exciting project. Completion is scheduled for summer 2020.

For details, please refer to the attached plans. If you are interested, please contact Immokanzlei AG.

plans of the apartements

Facts of the building project


It is a ventilated wooden facade with vertical deck formwork and open joints. The board width amounts to 90mm, sawed, painted according to color concept. The U-value of the thermal insulation including the thermal bridges ≤ 0.12 W / m2K.


There are painted wood-metal windows made of spruce / fir. The frame and sash cladding is made of aluminum and is stove-enamelled. The windows consist of a triple glazing with gas filling. The U-value of the windows is ≤ 0.8 W / m2K. On the ground floor, the windows are additionally secured against burglary.

The window fronts of the loggias in normal size have revolving doors, in the attic apartments are lift sliding doors.

Venetian blinds:

The perforated windows are shaded with electric drive compound fins.


For loggias and patio glazing, electric vertical awnings with fabric hangers and guide rails are installed.


The entire roof area will be equipped with Eternit panels with integrated photovoltaic modules (subject to approval).

Heating system:

The heat is generated by means of so-called energy piles (concrete parts in contact with the earth are equipped with pipes in which a carrier liquid circulates.) This fluid absorbs or releases heat from the concrete. The distribution takes place via the underfloor heating with individual room regulation and outside temperature control.

Lift system:

In both units a lift with electromechanical drive and a cubicle size of 110 x 140 cm will be installed.

Floor coverings:

In the apartments a high-quality parquet floor is laid. In the wet areas high-quality porcelain stoneware is installed on the floor and on the walls with installations.